Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wealth Over Work

If I were a Democratic candidate running for just about any office, I would hammer my Republican opponent with one question over and over again:

Why does your party favor wealth over work?
The economy is broken. Note that wages for the most common occupations have fallen even as the stock market has exploded upward. All the advantages are accruing to the very top of the income scale.

The people at the top aren't working any harder or smarter than they were before. They're just stealing more of the money, and it's about time we took it back for the people who actually do the work in this country.
And follow that up with very specific policy questions: Why do you guys vote to eliminate the estate tax for millionaires and refuse to raise the minimum wage?  Why are you shielding big banks from their disastrous failures? Why do you reward offshoring of jobs with tax breaks? Why don't you support equal pay for women?  Why do allow hedge fund managers to pay less in taxes than factory workers? Why did you vote to cut unemployment insurance so you could give more tax cuts to the top tax brackets?

I think a relentless campaign to make these economic distinctions clear as a bell can only be a winner for Democrats. Romney crashed and burned on the rocks of his "47% are takers" video - and the current crop of GOP candidates is cut from the same cloth.

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