Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ms. America

Although there are a few things that concern me about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016, one of the things I'm looking forward to the least is something that has absolutely nothing to do with her: namely her inevitable savaging at the hands of the press. In addition to the nasty misogyny (both purposeful and obliviously unintended), you'll have the daily BENGHAZI hour, and then whatever poo the poo-flinging monkeys of the right-wing noise machine gin up, enraged by the simple fact of her Clinton-ness.

The only hope I see for surviving this onslaught is that this time, Clinton will have some people on her side punching back. Who among the sane now doubts the existence of a"vast right-wing conspiracy" dedicated to the undermining of Democratic governance? How many new-media avenues exist now to shine a light on the lies and smears that are sure to emerge?

Here is Esquire's Charlie Pierce taking part in the fight by ripping Politico a new one for their story on Clinton's unfathomable dislike of the press corps:
The kidz at Tiger Beat On The Potomac plainly are trying to kill Gene Lyons down there in Arkansas. They have given us a "deep dive" into Why Hillary Hates Da Press. Now, for those of us who lived through those thrilling days of yesteryear, the answer may be, "Because she was accused by allegedly serious people of killing Vince Foster in her lesbian dominatrix pied-a-terre in Dupont Circle. Let's all go grab a beer now." But the TBOTP crew isn't satisfied with easy answers. Oh, no, sir. They have produced what is an, ah, interesting survey of our none-too-distant past.
 Constant Vigilance!

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