Friday, May 9, 2014

Dragging Us Into the 19th Century

Following up on yesterday's post on the climate change, this interesting chart and analysis from Dave Leonhardt at the NYT:
Americans are less worried about climate change than the residents of any other high-income country, as my colleague Megan Thee-Brennan wrote Tuesday. When you look at the details of these polls, you see that American exceptionalism on the climate stems almost entirely from Republicans. Democrats and independents don’t look so different from people in Japan, Australia, Canada and across Europe.
According to Pew Research Center surveys conducted last year, 25 percent of self-identified Republicans said they considered global climate change to be “a major threat.” The only countries with such low levels of climate concern are Egypt, where 16 percent of respondents called climate change a major threat, and Pakistan, where 15 percent did.
Well, at least it's nice to see some consistency from the Republicans across issues. They'll feel right at home in the company of Egypt and Pakistan regarding climate change, since that's the company they want us to keep regarding gender relations as well.

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