Saturday, April 19, 2014

Relatively Recently Read

The Wheel on the School is a book I have loved ever since it was read to me as a child. I have read it many times since then, completely taken in by its quiet story and the the way DeJong narrates the complex lives of children. The brushed ink drawings by Maurice Sendak also add to the book's charm.

My older son has reread The Wheel on the School a number of times, and I just read it with my younger son, who seems to be another convert. It is funny to me that this book, set in an era before computers and cars, about some children in a Dutch fishing village trying to find a wheel to put on their school to attract a pair of nesting storks, should hold their attention like it does. But I'm glad they feel moved by this story about the importance of imagination and courage and community. I'm glad we can share a little visit to this world with each other.

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