Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reality? What's That

I thought this was a really good assessment of various articles about the Roberts Court, race, and the dissenting views of Justice Sotomayor. The only thing I'd add is that these rulings seem of a piece with the conservative movement's general inability or unwillingness to grapple with actual reality.

On issues as diverse as global warming, the corrupting influence of money on the democratic process, and racism's role in American history and America's present, conservatives (including the conservatives on the Supreme Court) seem to live in a beautiful world of their own imagining. And this world seems to have very little to do with life as we actually live it.

The danger of basing policy on wishes, stardust, and magic sparkle-ponies generated by the free-market would seem obvious to any thinking person. But I guess that's the problem. In the conservative mind today, there isn't any thinking going on. There isn't any evidence-based analysis going on. There is only the short-term power grab, and the immediate enrichment of themselves and their cronies. In the long term, they'll all be dead. And their grandchildren will be cursing their names.

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