Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moral Indeed

Nice profile in Mother Jones on Rev. William Barber and the Moral Mondays movement:
On the last Monday of April 2013, Barber led a modest group of clergy and activists into the state legislative building in Raleigh. They sang "We Shall Overcome," quoted the Bible, and blocked the doors to the Senate chambers. Barber leaned on his cane as capitol police led him away in handcuffs.
That might have been the end of just another symbolic protest, but then something happened: The following Monday, more than 100 protesters showed up at the capitol. Over the next few months, the weekly crowds at the "Moral Mondays" protests grew to include hundreds, and then thousands, not just in Raleigh but also in towns around the state. The largest gathering, in February, drew more than 15,000 people. More than 900 protesters have been arrested for civil disobedience over the past year. Copycat movements have started in FloridaGeorgiaSouth Carolina, and Alabama in response to GOP legislation regarding Medicaid and gun control. 
Taken in july at an education-focused Moral Monday rally.

Some of us were more interested in what was going on than others.
 A few of the teachers did comment that they were glad to see the boys reading to pass the time.

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