Sunday, March 30, 2014

If You Can't Win, Cheat!

Just another reminder of what we're up against . . .
Pivotal swing states under Republican control are embracing significant new electoral restrictions on registering and voting that go beyond the voter identification requirements that have caused fierce partisan brawls.
The bills, laws and administrative rules — some of them tried before — shake up fundamental components of state election systems, including the days and times polls are open and the locations where people vote.
 As soon as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act ("Hey, the fact it works proves there's no need for it anymore"), GOP-controlled states rushed to restrict voting access. Some of the most restrictive changes have occurred here in North Carolina. Fortunately, there is a strong effort to block these measures  in the courts, and an equally large effort to Get Out the Vote.

"Republicans know you won't vote for them, so they're trying to stop you from voting at all" is a pretty powerful motivator. All the more because, sadly, it happens to be true.

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