Friday, June 6, 2014


Thought this was a funny take on Maureen Dowd's ridiculous column about her ridiculous trip to the Land of Weed.
What she should have written: "I went to Colorado and decided to get high. I was stupid and did no research or fact-checking. I asked no questions. I just started eating, and then ate some more. I got really sick. My bad. I'll be smarter next time." 
Imagine the Times sends Maureen Dowd to Colombia. Would she decide to try out the coca leaves, not ask how many to chew and consume a bushel? If the Times sent her to Yemen, would she decide to chew some Khat leaves, and not feeling the desired effect, keep chewing for hours? Tens of millions of people in South America and Africa chew coca and khat leaves without overdosing or dying, just like tens of millions of people around the world use marijuana and marijuana-infused products and don't hallucinate to the point they think they are dying. When you ingest a new substance, you are experimenting. Do a little homework and you'll be fine. If you're dumb enough to dive in blind, you have only yourself to blame.

OOPS! Turns out Dowd wasn't so stupid as to ask no questions about the drug she was about to ingest. Turns out she was even stupider. She chose to completely ignore the information she was given about the drug she was about to ingest.

Can I haz a New NYT Editorial Page, plz?

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